Beyblade Evolution
Beyblade Evolution Beyblade Evolution Beyblade Evolution Beyblade Evolution

Beyblade Evolution

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Following hot on the heels of the major franchise boost in 2013 comes the next thrilling installment to the video game roster! Beyblade Evolution takes Bey battles to new heights of interactivity on the Nintendo 3DS, providing an innovative new way to experience the Beyblade phenomenon! With over 150 million toys sold worldwide and Beyblade consistently positioned on major retailer top 10 lists there’s never been a better time to let it rip!

Beyblade Evolution is based on the global blockbuster toy and TV brand, which has sold over 200 million toys since launch and appeared consistently on major retailer top 10 toy lists. Beyblade Evolution bridges the gap between Metal Fury and the new Shogun Steel series. It offers gamers the chance to enjoy an authentic and incredibly accurate simulation of the adrenaline–fuelled toy experience. Gamers will battle against in–game and real–world opponents in nail–biting tournaments and championship challenges.

Players can opt for Story Mode, where they work through 50 Beyblade battles in a bid to become Beyblade Champion, or Battle Mode – where gamers fight against friends outside or inside the game.

Strategy is everything and gamers must choose from 500 unique parts to mix and match the five distinct elements of their customisable tops and create the perfect winning mix of attack and stamina.

Tops are ripped into the stadium and the last top to remain spinning wins. Access to detailed statistics about yours and your competitors’ tops allow strategies to be rethought and battles to be fought harder, faster and better. 


  • Battle your friends and foes in a virtual stadium using the 3DS AR card reader.
  • Collect, customise and compete with your very own Beyblade.
  • Experience the entire Beyblade Saga: story mode bridges the gap between the Beyblade Metal Fury and Beyblade Shogun Steel TV series!
  • Experience Bey Battles in a realistic setting as the 3DS mimics real launcher mechanics!
  • Unlock the next–generation Samurai Ifrit W145CF Beyblade!

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