Bravely Default 3DS
Bravely Default 3DS Bravely Default 3DS Bravely Default 3DS Bravely Default 3DS

Bravely Default 3DS

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 echo 3DS; 12; new; RPG;

After a Great Chasm suddenly tears the earth apart, the world of Luxendarc is plunged into darkness. The four elemental crystals which bring light to the world – fire and water, wind and earth – are consumed by an overwhelming force, disrupting the very balance of nature. Once–dormant volcanoes erupt once more; oceans grow murky and perilous. 

Agnès Oblige, the vestal of the Wind Crystal, is spared when the resident acolytes of her temple sacrifice their lives to shield her from the horror that besets the Wind Crystal. Guided by a cryst–fairy called Airy, Agnès sets out on a journey to awaken the crystals and bring light back to Luxendarc.

Amid this catastrophe Norende Village is completely engulfed by the Great Chasm, leaving Tiz Arrior behind as its sole survivor. Determined to rebuild his home and right the wrongs that the darkness has brought to Luxendarc, Tiz joins Agnès on her quest.

In Bravely Default, quest through Luxendarc to awaken the crystals in a unique and innovative RPG experience, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Meet mysterious allies and terrible foes from all corners of the world, and best your enemies in instantly accessible turn–based battles. The new “Brave and Default” and “Bravely Second” systems set the stage for even more strategies, allowing you to disrupt the flow of traditional turn–based battles by attacking multiple times in a single turn – or even freezing time.


  • Traditional JRPG feel with an inventive storyline involving parallel worlds.
  • Ground–breaking Brave/Default system makes for engaging battles.
  • Exchange profiles with other players to learn abilities or summon them in battle.
  • Take a break from the main adventure by rebuilding the village of Norende.
  • Choose between many jobs, equipment and abilities to customise your party.

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