Assassin s Creed Heritage Collection

Assassin s Creed Heritage Collection

£34.85 + Earn 34 PTS ( equal to £0.34 )

 echo Xbox 360; 18; new;Adventure;

Assassin s Creed Heritage Collection content
– Assassin s Creed: Draw your blades as Syrian Assassin Alta r Ibn–La Ahad during the Third Crusade.
– Assassin s Creed II (Game of the Year Edition): Lead your Brotherhood as Ezio Audtiore in the Italian Renaissance, also containing the Battle of Forli and Bonfire of the Vanities DLCs.
– Assassin s Creed Brotherhood: Set–up your Assassin Brotherhood in Rome to overthrow the Borgia Family.
– Assassin s Creed Revelations: Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Alta r in Constantinople to close the Renaissance Trilogy.
– Assassin s Creed III: Challenge the Templar s supremacy as Connor throughout the American Revolution.

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