Back To The Future Xbox One

Back To The Future Xbox One

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 echo XBOX ONE; 16; new;Adventure;

The Future is Back and this time its playable!

Six months after the events of the back to the future III, the delorean Time Machine mysteriously returns to hill valley - driverless! Now, Marty must go back to 1931 to recruit help of a reluctant teenage Emmett Brown in order to save 1985's Doc from certain death. Can they repair the rifts of the past without accidentally erasing the future?

  • Created in Collaboration with Movie trilogy co-writer and producer Bob Gale
  • Features original movie cast members Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), Tom Wilson ( Biff Tennen), Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker), and in special cameo appearances, Michael J.Fox as Mcflys of the past ....and the future!
  • Includes in-game access to exclusive content: a behind the sceans videa featuring interviews with Bob Gale, Tom Wilson, members of the development team, and AJ Locascio - the voice of young Marty Mcfly
  • Your Choices and actions change to story around you
  • Includes an exclusive, retrospective behind the scenes video featuring an interview with Bob Gale, and others involved in the creation of the game.

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